Notion Reading List

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Notion Reading List

Track the books you're reading, set reading goals, and stay on top of your favorite genres and authors.

Manage your reading list

Stay on top of your reading progress with ease. Keep your books organized by status and stay informed about which books are upcoming, the ones you’re currently reading, and the ones you’ve finished.

Reach your reading goals

Challenge yourself to complete your reading goals. Select your favorite books and include them in your yearly reading challenge.

Choose your preferred reads

Select books that have had a profound impact on your life and mark them as favorites. Create a personalized collection of books that resonates with you.

Monitor your overall reading progress

Keep track of the number of books you’ve read to gain insights into your progress. Get a clear picture of how much you’ve accomplished on your reading journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to download the template?

After purchase, you will receive a link that will direct you to the Notion Reading List template. Simply duplicate the template to your Notion workspace and you're ready to start using it!

Does the template work with the free Notion version?

Absolutely! You can use this template with the free version of Notion without any issues.

Will I receive new versions or updates of this template?

Yes, you will receive future versions and updates of this template at no additional cost.

Am I allowed to share this with anyone else?

Sharing the template is not allowed under the personal license. It is for individual use only. Contact me if you have any questions.

What if I have more questions?

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Notion Reading List

35 ratings
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